Richard P. Cushman

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Economic issues have had a growing importance in the health care field as the sector's share of the gross national product has risen. Clinicians are under increasing pressure to adopt more cost-effective treatment practices as a result of initiatives being taken by the major third-party payers, government, and business. However, recent publications suggest(More)
We obtain a global version of the Hamiltonian KAM theorem for invariant Lagrangean tori by glueing together local KAM conjugacies with help of a partition of unity. In this way we find a global Whit-ney smooth conjugacy between a nearly-integrable system and an inte-grable one. This leads to preservation of geometry, which allows us to define all the(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim was to determine the prevalence of persistent respiratory symptoms and bronchial hyper-responsiveness due to reactive airways dysfunction syndrome in a population of construction workers at moderate to high risk of developing the syndrome, at an interval of 18 to 24 months after multiple exposures to chlorine gas during renovations to a(More)
OBJECTIVE The admission to hospital of three construction workers with acute respiratory distress caused by inhalation of chlorine gas prompted the inspection of a building site located in a kraft pulpmill. The accidental emissions had taken place in the bleach plant and the construction workers assigned there were surveyed to uncover possible large scale(More)
In this Preface, we make some brief remarks about the history, theory and applications of symplectic reduction. We concentrate on developments surrounding our paper Marsden and Weinstein [1974] and the closely related work of Meyer [1973], so the reader may find some important references omitted. This is inevitable in a subject that has grown so large and(More)
  • R Cushman
  • 1997
United States health care is engaged in an ambitious project to make its clinical and administrative records "100% electronic." Substantial benefits are expected in both clinical care delivery and medical research (especially for public health surveillance and outcomes/effectiveness studies). Substantial costs also potentially accrue, beyond the large(More)
In this paper we show that the integral map of Routh's sphere has monodromy when the sphere becomes gyroscopically unstable. This uses the non-Hamiltonian monodromy of 3] Routh's sphere has center of mass not at its geometrical center and moment of inertia tensor with two equal principal moments of inertia. Moreover, it rolls on a horizontal plane under the(More)