Richard P. Cornell

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Listeners classified 49 samples of vowels /a/ and /i/ on the basis of four voice types: hoarse, breathy, strained, and normal. The vowels were analyzed acoustically for mean harmonic/noise differences in four spectral regions, average fundamental frequency, natural logarithm of fundamental frequency, and jitter. Discriminant analysis showed that(More)
Measuring and providing performance feedback to physicians has gained momentum not only as a way to comply with regulatory requirements, but also as a way to improve patient care. Measurement of structural, process, and outcome metrics in a reliable, evidence-based, specialty-specific manner maximizes the probability of improving physician performance. The(More)
Considering the widespread use of the sustained vowel in the evaluation of voice disorders, our objective was to study the degree to which the vowel is representative of voice in continuous speech. Phonatory samples were recorded from 20 normal subjects and 60 patients representing commonly occurring voice problems (nodules, unilateral paralysis, and(More)
Five factors affecting student use of an eLearning management system in two Web-enhanced hybrid undergraduate courses are investigated using the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). This research represents a causal relationship existing between students' attitude toward WebCT and their actual use of the system. Students' perception of the WebCT use, Computer(More)
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