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Contribution of Wastewater Treatment Plant Effluents to Nutrient Dynamics in Aquatic Systems: A Review
Excessive nutrient loading (considering nitrogen and phosphorus) is a major ongoing threat to water quality and here we review the impact of nutrient discharges from wastewater treatment plantsExpand
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Evaluating nutrient impacts in urban watersheds: challenges and research opportunities.
This literature review focuses on the prevalence of nitrogen and phosphorus in urban environments and the complex relationships between land use and water quality. Extensive research in urbanExpand
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Characterizing storm-event nitrate fluxes in a fifth order suburbanizing watershed using in situ sensors.
Land use influences the distribution of nonpoint nitrogen (N) sources in urbanizing watersheds and storm events interact with these heterogeneous sources to expedite N transport to aquatic systems.Expand
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A Review of Turfgrass Fertilizer Management Practices: Implications for Urban Water Quality
Urban watersheds include extensive turfgrass plantings that are associated with anthropocentric attitudes toward landscapes. Native and constructiondisturbed urban soils often cannot supply adequateExpand
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Land use disturbance indicators and water quality variability in the Biscayne Bay Watershed, Florida
Abstract Rapid land use transformations due to extensive agricultural and urban development in south Florida (USA) threaten water resources such as Biscayne Bay, an oligotrophic estuary draining theExpand
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Nutrient discharges to Biscayne Bay, Florida: trends, loads, and a pollutant index.
Changes in land use, management practices, and environmental conditions may all lead to detectable differences in nutrients transported to aquatic systems. Biscayne Bay, an oligotrophic estuary inExpand
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Do Nutrients Limit Algal Periphyton in Small Blackwater Coastal Plain Streams?1
We examine the potential for nutrient limitation of algal periphyton biomass in blackwater streams draining the Georgia coastal plain. Previous studies have investigated nutrient limitation ofExpand
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Aquatic Nitrate Retention at River Network Scales Across Flow Conditions Determined Using Nested In Situ Sensors
Non-point pollution sources are strongly influenced by hydrology and are therefore sensitive to climate variability. Some pollutants entering aquatic ecosystems, e.g. nitrate, can be mitigated byExpand
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Regulatory and Resource Management Practices for Urban Watersheds: The Florida Experience
Urban water quality management is becoming an increasingly complex and widespread problem. The long-term viability of aquatic ecosystems draining urban watersheds can be addressed through bothExpand
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The effect of nutrient enrichment on stream periphyton growth in the southern Coastal Plain of Georgia
by RICHARD CAREY (Under the Direction of Catherine Pringle and George Vellidis) ABSTRACT Blackwater rivers are common throughout the Atlantic Coastal Plain and water quality is heavily influenced byExpand
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