Richard O'Shea

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Effective biogas production from seaweed necessitates harvest at times of peak quality of biomass and low-loss preservation for year-around supply. Ensiling of five seaweed species and storage up to 90days was investigated as a method to preserve the methane yield potential. Adequate acidification by natural lactic acid fermentation was difficult due to low(More)
Understanding of dynamic behaviour of offshore wind floating substructures is extremely important in relation to design, operation, maintenance and management of floating wind farms. This paper presents assessment of nonlinear signatures of dynamic responses of a scaled tension-leg platform (TLP) in a wave tank exposed to different regular wave conditions(More)
Four feedstocks were assessed for use in a demand driven biogas system. Biomethane potential (BMP) assays were conducted for grass silage, food waste, Laminaria digitata and dairy cow slurry. Semi-continuous trials were undertaken for all feedstocks, assessing biogas and biomethane production. Three kinetic models of the semi-continuous trials were(More)
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