Richard O'Rorke

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Achatinella mustelina is a critically endangered tree snail that subsists entirely by grazing microbes from leaf surfaces of native trees. Little is known about the fundamental aspects of these microbe assemblages: not taxonomic composition, how this varies with host plant or location, nor whether snails selectively consume microbes. To address these(More)
The Western Australian rock lobster fishery has been both a highly productive and sustainable fishery. However, a recent dramatic and unexplained decline in post-larval recruitment threatens this sustainability. Our lack of knowledge of key processes in lobster larval ecology, such as their position in the food web, limits our ability to determine what(More)
Although grazers have long been recognized as top-down architects of plant communities, animal roles in determining microbial community composition have seldom been examined, particularly in aboveground systems. To determine the extent to which an animal can shape microbial communities, we conducted a controlled mesocosm study in situ to see if introducing(More)
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