Richard O'Donnell

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This paper describes the first full implementation and evaluation of an area-based tree visualization known as the PieTree. The PieTree was first proposed in papers in 1998 and 2000 but has never been fully implemented and evaluated. Informal evaluation was used to enhance the usability of the PieTree and compare it with the more well-known TreeMap. A(More)
Distributed transmit beamforming using an ad-hoc network of 10 RF transmitters was demonstrated using radio nodes developed from off-the-shelf components and modules. A time-slotted protocol allowed carrier phases from each transmitter to be measured at a receiver and fed back to the transmitters where Kalman filters were used to predict the offset phases(More)
The transmission requirements of the next generation of offshore wind farms, such as the Round Two U.K. offshore development proposals, may rely on high-voltage direct current (HVDC) technology for at least a part of their power collection and transmission requirements. HVDC technology is particularly suited for the transmission of high powers through large(More)
— This paper addresses the use of distributed coherent communication techniques across a wireless network of tactical radios to enable extended-range communications. Conventional tactical communication systems providing multi-kilometer terrestrial ranges utilize large and costly manpack or vehicular-mount radios. In this paper we discuss techniques for(More)
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