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The TTX-sensitive Na(v)1.7 (PN1) Na(+) channel alpha subunit protein is expressed mainly in small dorsal root ganglion (DRG) neurones. This study examines immunocytochemically whether it is expressed exclusively or preferentially in nociceptive primary afferent DRG neurones, and determines the electrophysiological properties of neurones that express it.(More)
In this paper we motivate a new technique for automatic recognition of hand-sketched digital ink. By viewing sketched drawings as utterances in a visual language, sketch recognition can be posed as an ambiguous parsing problem. On this premise we have developed an algorithm for ink parsing that uses a statistical model to disambignate. Under this(More)
Invited Paper As manufacturing technology moves toward fundamental limits of silicon CMOS processing, the ability to reap the full potential of available transistors and interconnect is increasingly important. Design technology (DT) is concerned with the automated or semi-automated conception, synthesis, verification, and eventual testing of microelectronic(More)
Recent developments in optical spectroscopic techniques have permitted in vivo, in situ cellular and molecular sensing and imaging to allow for real-time tissue characterization, functional assessment, and intraoperative guidance. The small area sensed by these probes, however, presents unique challenges when attempting to obtain useful tissue information(More)
Probe-based confocal laser endomicroscopy (pCLE) provides high-resolution in vivo imaging for intraoperative tissue characterization. Maintaining a desired contact force between target tissue and the pCLE probe is important for image consistency, allowing large area surveillance to be performed. A hand-held instrument that can provide a predetermined(More)
BACKGROUND Microarrays offer great potential as a platform for molecular diagnostics, testing clinical samples for the presence of numerous biomarkers in highly multiplexed assays. In this study applied to infectious diseases, data from a microarray designed for molecular serotyping of Streptococcus pneumoniae was used, identifying the presence of any one(More)
BACKGROUND This study aimed to improve physicians' understanding of the treatment circumstances and needs of outpatients with schizophrenia at risk of nonadherence, by naturalistically assessing antipsychotic treatment patterns, clinical outcomes, and health care service use in this little-studied patient population. METHODS In this one-year, prospective,(More)
In this year-long, prospective observational study, sociodemographic, clinical, and functional characteristics were assessed in outpatients with schizophrenia from Australia, Mexico, Romania, and Taiwan who were switched from their primary oral antipsychotic to another oral or depot antipsychotic at study entry because of physician-perceived nonadherence(More)
Correlation patterns between matched copy number variation and gene expression data in cancer samples enable the inference of causal gene regulatory relationships by exploiting the natural randomization of such systems. The aim of this study was to test and verify experimentally the accuracy of a causal inference approach based on genomic randomization(More)
BACKGROUND Creating a user friendly web based application which executes an R script allows physicians, epidemiologists, and others unfamiliar with the statistical language to perform powerful statistical analyses easily. The geographic mapping of data is an important tool in spatial epidemiological analysis, and the R project includes many tools for such(More)