Richard Newsham-West

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STUDY DESIGN Controlled laboratory study, using a repeated-measures, counterbalanced design. OBJECTIVES To provide estimates on the average knee angle maintained, absolute knee angle error, and total repetitions performed during 2 versions of the heel raise test. BACKGROUND The heel raise test is performed in knee extension (EHRT) to assess(More)
This study investigated the accuracy of phantom volume and length measurements and the reliability of in vivo Achilles tendon (AT) volume, length and cross-sectional area measurements obtained using freehand 3-D ultrasound. Participants (n = 13) were scanned on consecutive days under active and passive loading conditions. In vivo AT length was evaluated(More)
We can visualize tendons better than ever before. Medical imaging today provides increasingly higher-resolution images, enabling larger fields of view that allow clinicians and researchers to more precisely characterize tendon structure. Yet, does seeing a patient's tendon provide any meaningful benefit to our clinical reasoning, and will it make a(More)
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