Richard Nemer

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Dual-energy measurements are presented utilizing a novel slot-scan digital radiographic imaging detector, operating on gaseous solid state ionization principles. The novel multimedia detector has two basic functional components: a noble gas-filled detector volume operating on gas microstrip principles, and a solid state detector volume. The purpose of this(More)
In vivo wall shear rates have been obtained based on estimates from either volume flow rate or single-point velocity measurements along with the wall no slip assumption and a simple linear regression. Recent results [19] have shown that, under pulsatile flow conditions, wall shear rates are more accurately predicted by using up to four velocity points and a(More)
This paper presents a preliminary study aimed to optimize the signal characteristics of an optical indoor wireless communication system for telemedicine and mobile user applications. Specifically, detected signals associated with experimental geometries based on line-of-sight (LOS)-pointto-point-optical link and line-of-sight (LOS)-point-to-pointparallel to(More)
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