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ARvH DvH JRJ ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The research reported on in this book spans a period of twelve years. In that time I have been helped by many colleagues, students, innovators, and research sponsors. I have striven to make the research and this book worthy of the generous help I have been given. for giving me many valuable comments as the research proceeded. I(More)
The question of how initial resource endowments—the stocks of resources that entrepreneurs contribute to their new ventures at the time of founding—affect organizational life chances is one of significant interest in organizational ecology, evolutionary theory, and entrepreneurship research. Using data on the life histories of all 134 firms founded to(More)
This paper presents the results of an investigation into the application flow control technique utilised by YouTube. We reveal and describe the basic properties of YouTube application flow control, which we term block sending, and show that it is widely used by YouTube servers. We also examine how the block sending algorithm interacts with the flow control(More)
We have compared the effect of increasing optode separation (range 0.7-5.5 cm) on the sensitivity of near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) to discrete reductions in scalp and cerebral oxygenation in 10 healthy men (mean age 32, range 26-39 yr) using multichannel NIRS. During cerebral oligaemia (a mean reduction in middle cerebral artery flow velocity of 47%)(More)
I would like to begin with two generally accepted propositions: First, technological change is a major ingredient of long-term economic growth, and second, technological change is characterized by a high degree of uncertainty. Understanding the nature of these uncertainties and the obstacles to surmounting them is not a trivial matter. Rather, it goes to(More)
This paper introduces a new set of long duration captures of Internet traffic headers. The capture is being performed on a continuous on-going basis and is approaching a year in duration. Based on the current extent of the archive some typical analyses are presented, covering protocol mix, network trip times and TCP flag analysis.
OBJECT The authors report the preservation of motion at surgically treated and adjacent spinal segments after placing an artificial cervical joint (ACJ) and they describe the influence of interbody fusion on changes in angulation occurring in the sagittal plane at adjacent levels in the treatment of cervical spondylosis. METHODS The authors conducted a(More)
1. Primary somatosensory cortical (SI) neurons exhibit characteristic activity before the initiation of movements. This premovement activity (PMA) may result from centrally generated as well as from peripheral inputs. We examined PMA for 55 SI neurons (10, 13, 28, and 4 in areas 3a, 3b, 1, and 2, respectively) with activity that was entrained to(More)
STUDY DESIGN A prospective randomized controlled trial of exercise therapy in patients who underwent microdiscectomy for prolapsed lumbar intervertebral disc. Results of a pilot study are presented. OBJECTIVE To determine the effects of a postoperative exercise program on pain, disability, psychological status, and spinal function. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND(More)