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Territorial Foundations of the Gulf States
Part 1 Introduction: borders and territoriality in the Gulf and Arabian peninsula during the 20th century, Richard Schofield concepts of sovereignty in the Gulf region, George Joffe. Part 2 Britain'sExpand
The Crystallisation of a Complex Territorial Dispute: Britain and the Saudi-Abu Dhabi Borderland, 1966–71
From a close reading of the relevant British archival record, this article demonstrates how the basic future shape of the Saudi–United Arab Emirates borderlands emerged over a critical half-decadeExpand
The last missing fence in the desert: The Saudi‐Yemeni boundary
Alone within Arabia, the eastern three‐quarters of the international land boundary between Saudi Arabia and Yemen remains to be delimited. The Riyadh and San'a governments have been engagedExpand
Laying it down in stone: delimiting and demarcating Iraq's boundaries by mixed international commission
Abstract Mixed international commissions have been centrally involved in shaping the outer margins of the state territory of Iraq over the last century and a half. Laborious Anglo-Russian efforts toExpand
Middle East and North Africa
1. Territory, State and Nation in the Middle East and North Africa 2. Cross-boundary Interaction and Political Conflict in the Central Middle East 3. Demarcation Lines in Contemporary Beirut 4. TheExpand
The Iran-Iraq border, 1840-1958
The Iran-Iraq boundary can be viewed as unique within the Middle East region, as it has long displayed the classic characteristics of a political frontier zone or a border march. This contrastsExpand
International Boundaries and Borderlands in the Middle East: Balancing Context, Exceptionalism and Representation
ABSTRACT Renewed academic interest in the Middle Eastern border is inevitable with the marked increase in fortified territorial limits across the region and the appearance of new borderlandExpand
Old Boundaries for a New State: The Creation of Iraq's Eastern Question
This paper chronicles critical chapters in the delimitation of Iraq's boundaries with Iran and Kuwait, paradoxically in the period preceding the Great War. For such territorial definition took placeExpand