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In big cities, public spaces can be dangerous spaces, with predatory street crime concentrated in specific areas or pervading the community.In this study, the geographic distribution of street robbery in 1993-94 is compared in four Chicago police districts. In the two low-rate districts, street robbery was concentrated near rapid transit stations. In the(More)
Behavior Problems was formed by the ATSA Board of Directors as part of ATSA's overall mission of promoting effective intervention and management practices for individuals who have engaged in abusive sexual behavior. The task force was charged to produce a report intended to guide professional practices with children, ages 12 and younger. Specifically, the(More)
BACKGROUND Due to the inconsistent findings of prior studies, we explored the association of perceived safety and police-recorded crime measures with physical activity. METHODS The study included 818 Chicago participants of the Multiethnic Study of Atherosclerosis 45 to 84 years of age. Questionnaire-assessed physical activity included a) transport(More)
The European Management Journal (EMJ) is a generalist, academic review covering all fields of management including, but not limited to business ethics, business strategy, entrepreneurship & innovation, information systems, international business & cross-cultural studies, marketing, organization studies & general management as well as supply chain &(More)
Improving employer support of work and family demands of the workforce is a growing concern across countries, but the pathways to achieve improvements in employer adoption of work-family policies, particularly linkages between collective bargaining and public policy, are not well understood within and across national contexts. In this article, we explore(More)