Richard N. Block

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The Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA) Task Force on Children With Sexual Behavior Problems was formed by the ATSA Board of Directors as part of ATSA’s overall mission of promoting effective intervention and management practices for individuals who have engaged in abusive sexual behavior. The task force was charged to produce a report(More)
OBJECTIVES To (a) examine the relationships among objective and perceived indicators of neighborhood environment, racial discrimination, psychological distress, and gestational age at birth; (b) determine if neighborhood environment and racial discrimination predicted psychological distress; (c) determine if neighborhood environment, racial discrimination,(More)
In the United States, despite substantial investment in public health initiatives to promote early detection of breast cancer through screening mammography, the proportion of female breast cancers that have advanced beyond the localized stage by the time of diagnosis remains high. Our objective in this exploratory study was to investigate whether stage of(More)
BACKGROUND Crime may be a significant barrier to physical activity for urban African American women, yet few studies have examined this relationship in intervention studies. This study examines relationships among neighborhood crime incidents, perceptions of crime and safety, and adherence in a walking intervention among urban, midlife African-American(More)
It is known that many of the classes of simple Lie algebras of prime characteristic of nonclassical type have simple infinite-dimensional analogues of characteristic zero (see, for example, [4, p. 518]). We consider here analogues of those algebras which are defined by a modification of the definition of a group algebra. Thus we consider analogues of the(More)
This secondary analysis examined relationships between the environment and adherence to a walking intervention among 252 urban and suburban, midlife African American women. Participants received an enhanced or minimal behavioral intervention. Walking adherence was measured as the percentage of prescribed walks completed. Objective measures of the women's(More)
BACKGROUND Due to the inconsistent findings of prior studies, we explored the association of perceived safety and police-recorded crime measures with physical activity. METHODS The study included 818 Chicago participants of the Multiethnic Study of Atherosclerosis 45 to 84 years of age. Questionnaire-assessed physical activity included a) transport(More)
OBJECTIVES This article examines the hypothesis that in street robbery location choices, the importance of location attributes is conditional on the time of day and on the day of the week. METHOD The hypothesis is assessed by estimating and comparing separate discrete location choice models for each two-hour time block of the day and for each day of the(More)