Richard Muller

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It is well known that the diversity of life appears to fluctuate during the course of the Phanerozoic, the eon during which hard shells and skeletons left abundant fossils (0-542 million years ago). Here we show, using Sepkoski's compendium of the first and last stratigraphic appearances of 36,380 marine genera, a strong 62 +/- 3-million-year cycle, which(More)
We report an estimate of the Earth’s average land surface temperature for the period 1753 to 2011. To address issues of potential station selection bias, we used a larger sampling of stations than had prior studies. For the period post 1880, our estimate is similar to those previously reported by other groups, although we report smaller uncertainties. The(More)
Two important decisions in designing markets for tradable emissions permits are whether to allow banking of permits (coupons) and whether to allow trading in entitlements to future permits (shares). Banking is predicted to reduce price instability when firms trade in a reconciliation market after the quantity of emissions has been determined. Tradable(More)
China has recently made available hourly air pollution data from over 1500 sites, including airborne particulate matter (PM), SO2, NO2, and O3. We apply Kriging interpolation to four months of data to derive pollution maps for eastern China. Consistent with prior findings, the greatest pollution occurs in the east, but significant levels are widespread(More)
By considering radioisotope dating as a problem in trace element detection, and by using the cyclotron as a high-energy mass spectrometer for this purpose, we have shown that one can greatly increase the maximum age that can be determined while simultaneously reducing the size of the sample required. The cyclotron can be used to detect atoms or simple(More)
Many economic environments are susceptible to either free-riding or overuse. Common pool resources (CPRs) fall in the latter category. Equally sharing the output of a CPR in partnerships introduces a free-riding incentive that may offset overuse. Socially optimal harvesting can be induced by dividing the set of resource users into a number of partnerships(More)
We constrain seismic properties of the inner core using various body wave observations. In the epicentral distance range of 10−70 o , our high quality measurements of the amplitude ratio of PKiKP and PcP provide a new estimate of the density contrast (0.6-0.9 g/cm 3) at the Inner Core Boundary (ICB). This estimate is compatible with a recent reevaluation of(More)
Composite tumors of the stomach consisting of mixed glandular and endocrine components are rare. We report 3 cases of composite glandular and endocrine tumors with pancreatic acinar differentiation in the stomach with their clinicopathologic findings. The patients' presenting symptoms were variable and included abdominal pain, gastrointestinal hemorrhage,(More)
SESAME, a synchrotron radiation laboratory in the Middle East, opened with an inauguration ceremony November 3, attended by Prince Ghazi ben Mohammad of Jordan and Director-General of UNESCO Koichiro Matsura. SESAME (Synchrotron-light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East) is a UNESCO-sponsored project that aims to promote scientific(More)