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About 20% of the final energy consumed in Europe is used in buildings. The active and passive use of solar energy is an approach to reduce the fossil energy consumption and the greenhouse gas emissions originated by buildings. Consideration of solar energy technologies in urban planning demands accurate information of the available solar resources. This can(More)
Regional haze episodes have occurred frequently in eastern China over the past decades. As a critical indicator to evaluate air quality, the mass concentration of ambient fine particulate matters smaller than 2.5 µm in aerodynamic diameter (PM 2.5) is involved in many studies. To overcome the limitations of ground measurements on PM 2.5 concentration, which(More)
Cloud properties and the Earth's radiation budget are defined as essential climate variables by the Global Climate Observing System (GCOS). The cloud albedo is a measure for the portion of solar radiation reflected back to space by clouds. This information is essential for the analysis and interpretation of the Earth's radiation budget and the solar surface(More)
The EnMAP-Box is a toolbox that is developed for the processing and analysis of data acquired by the German spaceborne imaging spectrometer EnMAP (Environmental Mapping and Analysis Program). It is developed with two aims in mind in order to guarantee full usage of future EnMAP data, i.e., (1) extending the EnMAP user community and (2) providing access to(More)
Solar surface irradiance (SIS) is an essential variable in the radiation budget of the Earth. Climate data records (CDR's) of SIS are required for climate monitoring, for climate model evaluation and for solar energy applications. A 23 year long (1983–2005) continuous and validated SIS CDR based on the visible channel (0.45–1 µm) of the MVIRI instruments(More)
The connectivity model of a power distribution network can easily become outdated due to system changes occurring in the field. Maintaining and sustaining an accurate connectivity model is a key challenge for distribution utilities worldwide. This work shows that voltage time series measurements collected from customer smart meters exhibit correlations that(More)
Maritime ships operating on-board illumination at night appear as point sources of light to highly sensitive low-light imagers on-board environmental satellites. Unlike city lights or lights from offshore gas platforms, whose locations remain stationary from one night to the next, lights from ships typically are ephemeral. Fishing boat lights are most(More)
Accurate inversion of land surface geo/biophysical variables from remote sensing data for earth observation applications is an essential and challenging topic for the global change research. Land surface temperature (LST) is one of the key parameters in the physics of earth surface processes from local to global scales. The importance of LST is being(More)