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Ninety resin blocks were instrumented by three different operators using the Canal Master Instrumentation system. The frequency of file separation among three operators of varying endodontic experience (novice dental student to endodontist) was compared. Twenty-one of 87 (24%) of the instruments were separated. The #50 Canal Master file failed most(More)
This article discusses the current considerations in treatment planning for retention of the natural tooth through endodontic therapy (including orthograde first-time treatment, retreatment, and endodontic surgery) versus extraction and placement of a dental implant. As a secondary goal, the article describes several specific cases in which the best option(More)
Effective removal of gutta-percha (GP) in endodontic retreatment is a significant factor in creating successful outcomes from failed procedures. Ideally, gutta-percha removal must be efficient, not predispose the tooth to subsequent failure through iatrogenic events, and clean the existing canals so that subsequent irrigants can effectively and(More)
The K3 rotary nickel-titanium file system by SybronEndo is a state-of-the-art rotary nickel-titanium endodontic instrumentation method combines excellent cutting characteristics with a robust sense of tactile control and excellent fracture resistance. The K3 has universal applicability across a wide range of clinical indications. Although it is a complete(More)