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The Open University's repository of research publications and other research outputs When the fingers do the talking: A study of group participation for different kinds of shareable surfaces Conference Item (2008). When the fingers do the talking: A study of group participation for different kinds of shareable surfaces. Copyright and Moral Rights for the(More)
Multi-touch tabletops have been much heralded as an innovative technology that can facilitate new ways of group working. However, there is little evidence of these materialising outside of research lab settings. We present the findings of a 5-week in-the-wild study examining how a shared planning application - designed to run on a walk-up-and-use tabletop -(More)
Musical harmony is considered to be one of the most abstract and technically difficult parts of music. It is generally taught formally via abstract, domain-specific concepts, principles, rules and heuristics. By contrast, when harmony is represented using an existing interactive desktop tool, Harmony Space, a new, parsimonious, but equivalently expressive,(More)
This work is motivated by recent progress in information theory and signal processing where the so-called spatially coupled design of systems leads to considerably better performance. We address relevant open questions about spatially coupled systems through the study of a simple Ising model. In particular, we consider a chain of Curie-Weiss models that are(More)
Human-machine trust is a critical mitigating factor in many HCI instances. Lack of trust in a system can lead to system disuse whilst over-trust can lead to inappropriate use. Whilst human-machine trust has been examined extensively from within a technico-social framework, few efforts have been made to link the dynamics of trust within a steady-state(More)
Introduction. This study explores the extent to which an institutional repository makes papers available and accessible on the open Web by using 170 journal articles housed in DigiNole Commons, the institutional repository at Florida State University. Method. To analyse the repository's impact on availability and accessibility, we conducted independent(More)
We present findings from a deployment of SketchStorm, a tool for designers that supports sketch in a central canvas, whilst streaming images relating to a search query around the periphery. Our overarching goal was to explore the potential for combining sketching and use of examples, two activities that are associated with design ideation. Initial(More)