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The Constitutional Protection of Freedom of Expression
In this book, Richard Moon puts forward an account of freedom of expression that emphasizes its social character. Such freedom does not simply protect individual liberty from state interference; itExpand
Government Support for Religious Practice
Freedom of conscience or religion is no longer protected as the most effective way for the individual to discover spiritual truth, or as necessary to his meaningful commitment to that truth, orExpand
Law and Religious Pluralism in Canada
Introduction: Law and Religious Pluralism in Canada / Richard Moon 1 View from the Succah: Religion and Neighbourly Relations / Shauna Van Praagh 2 Clashes of Principle and the Possibility ofExpand
Liberty, Neutrality and Inclusion: Religious Freedom Under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Fredoms
The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees to all persons “freedom of conscience and religion.” The Charter, however, does not include any obvious equivalent to the Established Clause ofExpand
The Social Character of Freedom of Expression
Freedom of expression protects the individual's freedom to communicate with others. The right of the individual is to participate in an activity that is deeply social in character. The value ofExpand
Religious Accommodation and Its Limits: The Recent Controversy at York University
A recent request for religious accommodation at York University has generated controversy not just about the merits of the particular claim but also about the general practice of religiousExpand
Freedom of conscience and religion
Justified Limits on Expression: The Collapse of the General Approach to Limits on Charter Rights
The author argues that the apparent collapse or erosion of the Oakes test reflects the problem of fitting a right such as freedom of expression, which is social and relational in character, into aExpand
What happens when the assumptions underlying our commitment to free speech no longer hold
A commitment to freedom of expression means that an individual must be free to speak to others and to hear what others may say, without interference from the state. It is said that the answer to badExpand