Richard Milliken

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We examine the use of fusing data from multiple data sources for use within object recognition systems. We then continue, to illustrate the system that we have created for our own object recognition needs. The data fusion model that we use is embedded within an object recognition system that analyses simulated FLIR and LADAR data to recognise and track(More)
– We use data fusion in our automatic target recognition (ATR) system to identify and track airbourne objects. The fusion process allows for a much more robust conclusion to be drawn from what may well be incomplete data. The method we use for the fusion process is twofold. The Transferable belief model (TBM), which is derived from Dempster Shafer Theory(More)
The creation of precise three dimensional geometric models produced from visual information from low cost smart devices has many potential applications. There is a need to establish the capability of such devices, to determine if they are suitable. We explain how a typical smart device could be used in the creation of precise 3D geometric models from visual(More)
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