Richard Metzler

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Single particle tracking of mRNA molecules and lipid granules in living cells shows that the time averaged mean squared displacement delta2[over ] of individual particles remains a random variable while indicating that the particle motion is subdiffusive. We investigate this type of ergodicity breaking within the continuous time random walk model and show(More)
A genetic switch may be realized by a certain operator sector on the DNA strand from which either genetic code, to the left or to the right of this operator sector, can be transcribed and the corresponding information processed. This switch is controlled by messenger molecules, i.e., they determine to which side the switch is flipped. Recently, it has been(More)
Several scenarios of interacting neural networks which are trained either in an identical or in a competitive way are solved analytically. In the case of identical training each perceptron receives the output of its neighbor. The symmetry of the stationary state as well as the sensitivity to the used training algorithm are investigated. Two competitive(More)
Logarithmic oscillations superimposed on the temporal relaxation patterns of complex systems are considered from the standpoint of their hierarchical origin. We propose that a closer examination of experimental data should reveal logarithmic oscillations in systems that are characterized by a hierarchical structure of their dynamical degrees of freedom. On(More)
A perceptron that "learns" the opposite of its own output is used to generate a time series. We analyze properties of the weight vector and the generated sequence, such as the cycle length and the probability distribution of generated sequences. A remarkable suppression of the autocorrelation function is explained, and connections to the Bernasconi model(More)
We apply a recently developed measure of multiscale complexity to the Gaussian model consisting of continuous spins with bilinear interactions for a variety of interaction matrix structures. We find two universal behaviors of the complexity profile. For systems with variables that are not frustrated, an exponential decay of multiscale complexity in the(More)
In a recent publication [Phys. Rev. E 63, 047201 (2001)], Ausloos and Ivanova report power-law probability distributions, fractal properties, and antipersistent long-range correlations in the southern oscillation index. As a comparison with artificial short-range correlated data shows, most of these findings are possibly due to misleading interpretation of(More)
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