Richard Mcadams

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Cost-benefit analysis (CBA) is the primary tool used by policymakers to inform administrative decisionmaking. Yet its methodology of converting preferences (often hypothetical ones) into dollar figures, then using those dollar figures as proxies for quality of life, creates significant systemic errors. These problems have been lamented by many scholars, and(More)
A publisher uses an honor system for selling a newspaper in the street. The customers are supposed to pay, but they can also pay less than the price or not pay at all. We conduct an experiment to study honesty in this market. The results show that appealing to honesty increases payments, whereas reminding the customers of the legal norm has no effect.(More)
This Article continues our project of applying new findings in the behavioral psychology of human happiness to some of the most deeply analyzed questions in law. When a state decides how to punish criminal offenders, at least one important consideration is the amount of harm any given punishment is likely to inflict. It would be undesirable , for example,(More)
  • Robert C. Ellickson, Walter E. Meyer, +30 authors YiLing Chen-Josephson
  • 2006
abstract. As Aristotle recognized in The Politics, the household is an indispensable building block of social, economic, and political life. A liberal society grants its citizens far wider berth to arrange their households than to choose their familial and marital relationships. Legal commentators, however, have devoted far more attention to the family and(More)
Criminal law enforcement depends on the actions of public agents such as police officers, but the resulting agency problems have been neglected in the law and economics literature (especially outside the specific context of corruption). We develop an agency model of police behavior that emphasizes intrinsic motivation and self-selection. Drawing on(More)
We are grateful to Dan Katz for providing data on the identities of district court and circuit court clerks. Abstract We present a new measure of judicial ideology based on judicial hiring behavior. Specifically, we utilize the ideology of the law clerks hired by federal judges to estimate the ideology of the judges themselves. These Clerk-Based Ideology(More)
In The Problem of Social Cost, Ronald Coase firmly installed transaction costs at the center of the economic analysis of law. 1 The potential for these costs to inconveniently interpose themselves between the world as we know it and an ideal of perfect efficiency has provided generations of law and economics scholars with an analytic north star. But the(More)
The purpose of this study is to examine county-level public spending for health care services in Kansas and to explain variation in spending levels with a model composed of population density, population age and per capita income. Data are abstracted from budget documents for all 105 counties in Kansas for the years 1994, 1995 and 1996. Health care(More)
The University of Chicago Law School occupies a unique niche among this country's premier law schools. Located on a residential campus in one of America's great cities, Chicago offers a rigorous and interdisciplinary professional education that blends the study of law with the humanities, the social sciences, and the natural sciences. Students, faculty, and(More)