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This paper is a brief intoduction to the αǫ-calculus – a calculus of communication and duplication inspired by the structure of the classical quantifiers. We will summarize the results of a paper in preparation on connections between extensions of the calculus, sequent sys-tems/proof nets for classical logic, and Herbrand's theorem.
PURPOSE To improve the efficiency of the labeling task in automatic quality control of MR spectroscopy imaging data. METHODS 28'432 short and long echo time (TE) spectra (1.5 tesla; point resolved spectroscopy (PRESS); repetition time (TR)= 1,500 ms) from 18 different brain tumor patients were labeled by two experts as either accept or reject, depending(More)
MRSI grids frequently show spectra with poor quality, mainly because of the high sensitivity of MRS to field inhomogeneities. These poor quality spectra are prone to quantification and/or interpretation errors that can have a significant impact on the clinical use of spectroscopic data. Therefore, quality control of the spectra should always precede their(More)