Richard McKinley

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Ischemic stroke is the most common cerebrovascular disease, and its diagnosis, treatment, and study relies on non-invasive imaging. Algorithms for stroke lesion segmentation from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) volumes are intensely researched, but the reported results are largely incomparable due to different datasets and evaluation schemes. We approached(More)
MRSI grids frequently show spectra with poor quality, mainly because of the high sensitivity of MRS to field inhomogeneities. These poor quality spectra are prone to quantification and/or interpretation errors that can have a significant impact on the clinical use of spectroscopic data. Therefore, quality control of the spectra should always precede their(More)
A formulation of naive set theory is given in Lafont's Soft Linear Logic, a logic with polynomial time cut-elimination. We demonstrate that the provably total functions of this set theory are precisely the PTIME functions. A novelty of this approach is the representation of the unary/binary natural numbers by two distinct sets (the safe naturals and the(More)
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