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Flora and fauna associated with prairie dog colonies and adjacent ungrazed mixed-grass prairie in western South Dakota.
Prairie dog grazing decreased mulch cover, maximum height of vegetation, plant species richness, and tended to decrease live plant canopy cover compared to that on ungrazed mixed-grass prairie.
Blacktail prairie dogs, desert cottontails and cattle trophic relations on shortgrass range.
Highlight: The trophic relations among blacktail prairie dogs, desert cottontails, and cattle were determined among three dogtowns at the Central Plains Experimental Range near Nunn, Colo. Sedges
Vegetation and Soils of Burrowing Owl Nest Sites in Conata Basin, South Dakota
On caracterise la vegetation et les sols des Terriers abandonnes de Cynomys ludovicianus et utilises pour nidifier par Athene cunicularia et on les compare avec ceux des terriers non occupes par
Diets and trophic ranking of ungulates of the northern Serengeti
The elephant was the only ungulate studied that did not select a bontanical diet which was in significant disagreement with that of another, and the buffalo, kongoni, wildebeest, topi, and Thomson's gazelle preferred the same grasses.
Shasta ground sloth food habits rampart cave arizona
There was no unusual change in the sloth diet immediately prior to the time of their extinction and the ecological role of Nothrotheriops shastense is less dramatically different from that of extant desert herbivores than was previously believed.
Foods of wild horses, deer, and cattle in the Douglas Mountain Area, Colorado.
There is local concern for the recent increase of wild horses in northwestern Colorado in the Douglas Mountain Area. The major use of this area has been for livestock grazing and during the last 15
Estimation of herbage intake from jackrabbit faces.
In this study, the noticeable irruption occurred during the growing season immediately preceding the heavy damage to brush in the winter of 1968-69, and a better understanding of the factor or factors that trigger irruptions would be highly valuable.