Richard Maréchaud

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The current study was done to analyze our experience with recurrent goiter. Prevention must be stressed because reoperations of the thyroid gland present technical difficulties and are associated with an increased risk of hypoparathyroidism and permanent hoarseness. Nodular recurrences occurred in 36 of 1,456 patients (2.5 percent) who underwent(More)
BACKGROUND Oral administration of autoantigens can slow the progression of beta-cell destruction in non-obese diabetic mice. We investigated whether oral administration of recombinant human insulin could protect residual beta-cell function in recent-onset type 1 diabetes. METHODS We enrolled 131 autoantibody-positive diabetic patients aged 7-40 years(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyse trends in diagnostic practices of thyroid diseases and to relate them to the increase in thyroid cancer incidence in France over time. DESIGN From 1980 to 2000, a French retrospective multicentric (three endocrinology and three nuclear medicine centres) study of thyroid diseases was conducted on 20 consecutive unselected patients'(More)
Surgery for recurrent nodular goiter is associated with a significant risk of parathyroid and recurrent laryngeal nerve (RLN) morbidity. Total thyroidectomy for benign disease is assessed. The aim of this study was to evaluate the risk factors for recurrence and the morbidity associated with reoperation. From 1969 to 1996 a total of 4334 thyroidectomies(More)
The presence of somatostatin receptors on TSH-secreting pituitary adenomas allows treatment of central hyperthyroidism with somatostatin analogs. Six women and 5 men (mean +/- SEM age, 43 +/- 3 yr) presented TSH-secreting pituitary adenomas (micro, n = 2; macro, n = 9). Seven patients had previously been treated with partial surgical removal (n = 6) and/or(More)
Pro-protein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9 (PCSK9) is a critical regulator of LDL cholesterol metabolism. Little is known, however, about the regulation of PCSK9 in patients with type 1 diabetes (T1D). In the present study, we aimed to determine the relationship between circulating PCSK9 and metabolic variables in T1D. Plasma PCSK9 levels were measured(More)
BACKGROUND The proportion of diabetic patients undergoing haemodialysis is rapidly increasing. Glucose control among such patients is difficult to assess. We aimed to evaluate the clinical performance of a continuous glucose monitoring system (CGMS) in type 2 diabetic patients on chronic haemodialysis. METHODS We used a 4-day CGMS to monitor glucose(More)
OBJECTIVE Most incidentally discovered adrenal tumours ('incidentaloma') are benign adrenocortical adenomas. It has been suggested that 131I-6 beta-iodomethylnorcholesterol (IMC) scan could specify the degree of functional autonomy of such adenomas depending on whether they prevent contralateral adrenal tracer uptake. Our purpose was to examine this(More)
OBJECTIVE Stress hyperglycaemia increases the risk of mortality after acute myocardial infarction in diabetic and in non-diabetic patients. We aimed to determine the contribution of admission plasma glucose and HbA(1c) on post-acute myocardial infarction prognosis. PATIENTS AND METHODS Admission plasma glucose and HbA(1c) were simultaneously measured in(More)
A 45-year-old man presented with headaches and extraocular muscle palsy due to a sellar mass extending into the right cavernous sinus. Hormonal determinations revealed a gonadotrophic insufficiency. A transsphenoidal surgical removal revealed a lymphocytic hypophysitis with fibrosis and necrosis. Rapid growth of the pseudotumor was noted despite a high dose(More)