Richard M. Sunderland

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Examination of the records of hospital admissions and all deaths among the 40,544 Sheffield children who were aged less than two years in the period 1975-79 revealed 475 children admitted with their first febrile convulsion and 50 children who presented as cot deaths. Rectal temperatures taken before refrigeration were traced for 24 of the latter. 10 of(More)
452 previously healthy children aged over six months and under six years were admitted to the Sheffield Children's Hospital between January, 1972, and December, 1976, after their first convulsion associated with fever. 304 of the children had a lumbar puncture. 25 punctures were necessary according to defined clinical criteria--including those in 15(More)
Among the 45,204 live births in Birmingham in the three calendar years 1981-3, there were 218 postneonatal deaths, giving a postneonatal mortality rate of 4.82 per 1000 live births. Postneonatal mortality rates were 4.22 for whites, 5.91 for Asians (relative risk 1.26, 95% confidence interval (CI) 1.04 to 1.53) and 8.20 for Afro-Caribbeans (relative risk(More)
Factor VIII related activities and factor VIII related antigen multimeric analysis have been assessed in two sporadic and eleven epidemic cases of haemolytic uraemic syndrome. In all patients factor VIII related antigen was raised and had an abnormal multimer pattern at presentation. The return to normal of factor VIII related antigen values and multimeric(More)
In the years 1973-79, 39452 infants born to parents resident in Sheffield were scored at birth for risk of unexpected infant death. Before 1973 post-perinatal mortality in Sheffield was on average 11.5% above the rate for England and Wales. Since 1973 it has only once exceeded the rate for England and Wales. "Possibly preventable" deaths have fallen from(More)
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The skull shapes of 615 consecutively born babies weighing over 2500 g were examined visually and by palpation. A characteristic deformity of the occiput was found which was strongly associated with breech presentation; it is suggested that this be termed hyptiocephaly. Severe forms of hyptiocephaly might partially explain the high incidence of occipital(More)
The death certificates and necropsy reports of the 1115 Sheffield infants who died under 2 years of age in 1969-78 were examined. This study showed the apparent disappearance of deaths with hypernatraemia and in particular deaths presenting as cot deaths. The fall in incidence may be as much the result of an intensive local campaign on child care and infant(More)
SUMMARY The extensible markup language XML can be used to support the integration of several component programming environments to create a flexible physical simulation system. Data exchange via open-standard-based plain text files allows system components to be loosely-coupled, rather than combined into an integrated development environment, so that the(More)