Richard M. S. Wilson

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The effect of tubocurarine on the respiratory function of conscious, non-medicated volunteers was correlated with the degree of neuromuscular blockade measured with the train-of-four technique (the evoked response of the adductor pollicis brevis muscle to trains of four supramaximal ulnar nerve stimuli at 2 Hz, repeated once every 10 sec). Respiratory(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this study is to investigate the prognostic role of insulin-like growth factor receptor 1 (IGF1R) expression in surgically resected non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Patient characteristics and methods: This retrospective study was conducted in 369 stage I-II-IIIA, surgically resected, NSCLC patients. Patients exposed to(More)
INTRODUCTION The functional unit of the mammary gland has been defined as the epithelial cell plus its microenvironment, a hypothesis that predicts changes in epithelial cell function will be accompanied by concurrent changes in mammary stroma. To test this hypothesis, the question was addressed of whether mammary stroma is functionally altered by the(More)
This article presents findings from five repertory grid interviews conducted in early 2001 to identify attributes of information as an asset. Repertory grid is a technique developed by George Kelly based on his theory of Personal Constructs. Personal Construct Theory (PCT) assumes that individuals are their own " personal scientists " who mentally represent(More)
A causal relation between gastro-oesophageal reflux and nocturnal asthma has been postulated. Forty four adult asthmatics underwent ambulatory monitoring of their oesophageal pH over 24 hours to find out if there was such a relation. Of these 21 showed significant "morning dipping" in which the peak expiratory flow falls during the night. Asthmatics with(More)
Proper grading of the cribriform prostate cancer pattern has not previously been supported by outcome-based evidence. Among 153 men who underwent radical prostatectomy, 76 with prostate-specific antigen (PSA) failure (≥0.2 ng/mL [0.2 μg/L]) were matched to 77 without failure. Frequencies of high-grade patterns included fused small acini, 83.7%; papillary,(More)
For a homologous series of N-alkylnorketobemidones a statistically significant correlation was found between the relative abilities to bind mouse brain homogenate in vitro and their in vivo mouse hot-plate analgesic potencies. The correlation between in vitro binding in the presence of 100 mM sodium and analgesic potency was not as good AS THAT as that(More)