Richard M. S. Wilson

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This article presents findings from five repertory grid interviews conducted in early 2001 to identify attributes of information as an asset. Repertory grid is a technique developed by George Kelly based on his theory of Personal Constructs. Personal Construct Theory (PCT) assumes that individuals are their own " personal scientists " who mentally represent(More)
The opinions expressed in this report are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the Library and Information Commission. ABSTRACT The primary focus of this study is on the impact of the UK financial reporting standard for goodwill and intangible assets (FRS10) on information assets. It was anticipated that the identification of methods already in(More)
We continually need to make decisions, but it is clear that, in so doing, we do not act in accordance with strict rules of rationality. For example, the effect of framing (i.e. the choice of particular words to present a given set of facts) can influence our choices, which raises some serious questions about our real freedom of choice. An increasing body of(More)
The term financial literacy is one that is not new. Financial literacy is perceived as important and as something to be encouraged in those who are not financially literate. These perceptions are exemplified by the existence of centres or bodies dedicated to financial literacy. These include the Management Council is involved in a number of projects aimed(More)
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