Richard M Newton

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This exploratory study compared the information needs and understanding of 25 5-10-year olds with epilepsy with those of 10 children with asthma and 10 with diabetes (of the same age range). The children were interviewed whilst attending specialist clinics by the first author and were unaware of her professional status. All the children had access to(More)
Eight patients rechallenged with lamotrigine after initial exposure which resulted in a skin rash are reported. On reintroduction of the lamotrigine, six of the patients had no recurrence of the rash. Of the other two patients, one had the occurrence of a mild fluctuating and qualitatively different skin rash on rechallenge. The other patient had developed(More)
Adult-centred studies continue to show poor information provision and understanding in people with epilepsy. This study explores whether paediatric neurologists work within a consultation framework designed to meet information needs. A questionnaire on how to give the diagnosis was sent to 32 UK Paediatric Neurologists. Consultation content was largely(More)
What should you do when you have used all but the last straw of frozen semen from a valuable stallion that is no longer alive or no longer able to be collected? A traditional breeding dose may consist of anywhere from one to eight straws (0.5 ml each), depending on how the semen was frozen. In addition, mares are commonly bred with 2 doses of frozen-thawed(More)
INTRODUCTION No cases of equine infectious anaemia (EIA) have been reported in Spain since 1983. Factors that could increase the risk of reintroducing equine infectious anaemia virus (EIAV) into Spain include the recent occurrence of the disease in Europe and the absence of compulsory serological testing before importation into Spain. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES(More)
The aim was to critically evaluate the literature investigating strength training interventions in the treatment of plantar fasciitis and improving intrinsic foot musculature strength. A search of PubMed, CINHAL, Web of Science, SPORTSDiscus, EBSCO Academic Search Complete and PEDRO using the search terms plantar fasciitis, strength, strengthening,(More)
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