Richard M. Mahoney

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Robotic devices for movement therapy are moving closer to becoming commercially available tools for aiding in stroke rehabilitation. Robotic technology offers a range of functions that will augment current clinical practice by leveraging therapists' time, cost effectively extending therapy programs, providing new measures of impairment, and offering new(More)
The Rehabilitation Technologies Division of Applied Resources Corp. (RTD-ARC) has engaged in a Phase I effort to commercialize a robotic bi-manual therapy machine for use in stroke rehabilitation, in cooperation with the VA Rehabilitation R&D Center in Palo Alto. The robotic therapy device, called ARCMIME here in order to differentiate it from its clinical(More)
BACKGROUND we developed the Caregivers for Alzheimer's disease Problems Scale (CAPS) comprising common risk factors for anxiety and depression for family carers of people with dementia. OBJECTIVE to calculate the sensitivity and specificity of the CAPS in order to measure its usefulness in identifying dementia caregivers at risk of anxiety and depression(More)
CLINICAL QUESTION What treatment improves social interactions and reduces reports of anxiety symptoms in individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and a co-occurring anxiety disorder? RESULTS Systematic reviews and randomized clinical trials suggest that cognitive behavior therapy in tandem with direct instruction of social skills using applied(More)
This paper describes the results of an exploratory study of the use of standard occupational therapy assessment tests to measure the effective manipulation ability of individuals with disabilities using a robotic aid. Robotic manipulators have been explored for use as a vocational accommodation to support the job placement of individuals with severe(More)
BACKGROUND Despite years of research, the etiologies of preterm birth remain unclear. In order to help generate new research hypotheses, this study explored spatial and temporal patterns of preterm birth in a large, total-population dataset. METHODS Data on 145 million US births in 3,000 counties from the Natality Files of the National Center for Health(More)
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