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Conventional wisdom suggests that when institutional logics overlap , the production of hybrids signifies collapse, blending, or easy coexistence. The author provides an alternative interpretation: hybrids can maintain a distinctive boundary and can emerge from contestation, not coexistence. This alternative interpretation is grounded in an analysis of a(More)
A high level of trust within a small elite may, like a low level of trust in society at large, be a serious impediment to economic development. This is because such concentrated high trust among the elite promotes political rent seeking, known to retard growth. We propose that entrusting the governance of a country's great corporations to a few wealthy(More)
What role can corporate codes of conduct play in monitoring compliance with international labour standards and improving working conditions in global supply chains? Addressing this question, the authors first summarize the results of research on factory audits of working conditions in 800 of Nike's suppliers in 51 countries and two intensive case studies.(More)
  • Richard M. Locke, Alvin J. Siteman, Elizabeth Fosnight, Archana Kalegaonkar, Maria Eitel
  • 2002
Through a case study of Nike, Inc. – a company that has come to symbolize both the benefits and the risks inherent in globalization – this paper examines the various difficulties and complexities the companies face as they seek to balance both company performance and good corporate citizenship in today's global economy. The views expressed herein are the(More)
Introduction Common challenges (e.g., changing conditions of international competition, massive industrial change, pressures for the decentralization of bargaining and increased "flexibility") confront labor movements in all the advanced industrial states. The new terms of international competition and technological innovation have radically altered markets(More)
The problem of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) became a national concern in 1971 when several accidental contaminations of foods were reported. Extensive efforts were undertaken by FDA to reduce the residues of PCBs in food. However, the PCB levels in several species of fresh-water fish have raised concern about the PCB residues from environmental(More)
This thesis deduces a set of best practices for sustainably scaling up lighting technologies in developing countries with a focus on Bottom-of-the-Pyramid (BOP) communities, whose annual incomes are US $3000 or less (in local purchasing power parity). The best practices are derived from a comparative analysis of two heuristic case studies profiling(More)
The synaptic activity transmitted from vestibular hair cells of the lagena to primary afferent neurons was recorded in vitro using sharp, intracellular microelectrodes. At rest, the activity was composed of miniature excitatory postsynaptic potentials (mEPSPs) at frequencies from 5 to 20/s and action potentials (APs) at frequencies betwen 0 and 10/s. mEPSPs(More)