Richard M . Kapit

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Young, severely maladaptive autistic children with some speech competence were compared to normally developing 3-year-old children of lower and middle class and 5-year-olds of lower class on negation tasks. All subjects were shown 12 sets of cards depicting negative contrasts designed to elicit semantic categories of nonexistence, denial, and rejection and(More)
pressant that had been available in Germany since 1976, had been prescribed to an estimated ten million patients prior to its marketing in the U.S. in July, 19851,2. Initial labeling for the product reflected a variety of long-recognized hypersensitivity reactions, including fever, liver injury, hemolytic anemia and eosinophilia, that were apparently all(More)
In human beings, amphetamine can induce both schizophreniform psychosis and oral-facial dyskinesia resembling tardive dyskinesia, while neuroleptic agents reduce the manifestations of both conditions. This suggests that such psychosis and movement disorder may occur by the same or very similar mechanisms. It is thought that tardive dyskinesia may result(More)
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