Richard M Hirshberg

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The present report provides evidence that axons in the medial part of the posterior column at T10 convey ascending nociceptive signals from pelvic visceral organs. This evidence was obtained from human surgical case studies and histological verification of the lesion in one of these cases, along with neuroanatomical and neurophysiological findings in animal(More)
In midline myelotomy a small mechanical or radiofrequency lesion was made at the centre of the spinal cord at a single segment at the thoracolumbar junction or at C1. This procedure was used for the management of cancer pain in 20 patients, in four of whom it was combined with unilateral cordotomy. Of 14 patients with myelotomy alone at the thoracolumbar(More)
Defining "suffering and pain" from both legal and medical perspectives is essential in understanding how misinterpretations, confusion and misconceptions can occur through "impressions" of events by uninvolved observers of these basic human sensations. Subjective interpretations of an individual's pain/narrative by professionals can lead to collisions in(More)
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