Richard M. D. Sledd

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BACKGROUND During sign-out (handover of care), information and responsibility about patients is transferred from one set of caregivers to another. Few residency training programmes formally teach resident physicians how to sign out or assess their ability to sign out, and little research has examined the sign-out process. OBJECTIVE To characterise the(More)
Modeling collateral damage has challenged military simulation officers for some time. Past equations-based models calculate attrition of forces and battlefield effects but do not model complex environments [Delaney 2003]. Thus they do not approximate the interactive nature of crowds, information operations, communications infrastructure effects on(More)
Physician sign-out is a mechanism for transferring patient information from one group of hospital care-givers to another at shift changes. Support tools are critical to the success of sign-out. To ensure that a tool is effective, designers must collaborate with end users, but collaboration can be difficult when working with users who are busy and have(More)
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