Richard M. Cullen

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This study examined whether people adhered to the recognition heuristic (i.e., inferred that a recognized hockey player had more total career points than an unrecognized player) and whether using this heuristic could yield accurate decisions. On paired comparisons, having participants report whether they recognized each player plus any knowledge they had(More)
For the 2014 i2b2/UTHealth de-identification challenge, we introduced a new non-parametric Bayesian hidden Markov model using a Dirichlet process (HMM-DP). The model intends to reduce task-specific feature engineering and to generalize well to new data. In the challenge we developed a variational method to learn the model and an efficient approximation(More)
The use of criminal profiling (CP) in criminal investigations has continued to increase despite scant empirical evidence that it is effective. To take stock of the CP field, a narrative review and a 2-part meta-analysis of the published CP literature were conducted. Narrative review results suggest that the CP literature rests largely on commonsense(More)
Police psychology (PP) articles in five forensic and Law) were identified in order to examine PP publication and research trends within the field of forensic psychology. A level of interest (LI) score was calculated by dividing the total number of pages dedicated to PP articles by the total number of journal pages. Article characteristics (e.g., research(More)
BACKGROUND The Argentia region of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, was home to a US naval base during a 40-year period between the 1940s and the 1990s. Activities on the base resulted in contamination of the soil and groundwater in the region with chemicals such as heavy metals and dioxins, and residents have expressed concern about higher rates of cancer(More)
The United States Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) Integrated Architecture is a capabilities-based methodology, grounded in the two missions of the command: Homeland Defense (HLD) and Military Assistance to Civil Authorities (MACA). USNORTHCOM has identified 17 critical warfighting capabilities and 13 Joint Mission Essential Tasks (JMETS) that enable those(More)
BACKGROUND BETTER (Building on Existing Tools to Improve Chronic Disease Prevention and Screening in Primary Care) is a patient-based intervention to improve chronic disease prevention and screening (CDPS) for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and associated lifestyle factors in patients aged 40 to 65. The key component of BETTER is a prevention(More)
BACKGROUND Previous research has suggested that obstetric outcomes are similar for deliveries by family physicians and obstetricians, but many of these studies were small, and none of them adjusted for unmeasured selection bias. We compared obstetric outcomes between these provider types using an econometric method designed to adjust for unobserved(More)