Richard Müller

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Before a system is built in Service Oriented Computing from interacting services, it is modeled and verified with regard to different behavioral cor-rectness criteria, among others, deadlock freedom. For this purpose, open nets as a special class of Petri nets are frequently used. In this paper, we present and compare three formalizations of when two(More)
We study open systems modeled as Petri nets with an interface for asynchronous (i.e., buffered) communication with other open systems. As a minimal requirement for successful communication, we investigate responsiveness, which guarantees that an open system and its environment always have the possibility to communicate. We investigate responsiveness with(More)
In the context of asynchronously communicating and deadlock free services, the refinement relation of services has been formalized by the accordance preorder. A service Impl accords with a service Spec if every controller of Spec—that is, every environment that can interact with service Spec without deadlocking—is a controller of Impl. The procedure to(More)
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