Richard März

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Herbal medicinal products containing natural volatiles are used in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, pain, colds and bronchitis. Many pharmacological studies report a wide variety of in vitro effects, with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activities investigated most frequently. In comparison, relatively few studies on the bioavailability and(More)
BACKGROUND A task force of MEDINE (Thematic Network on Medical Education in Europe) organized a survey of European Medical Schools. AIM To investigate the link between education and biomedical research in the medical curriculum questioning university staff responsible for the curriculum. METHOD The survey was online between 10/2006 and 3/2007. Answers(More)
The 50-fold human dosage of a physiomedical drug combination (VG I) (Sinupret) and their components (VG II-VG VI) in equivalent quantity, administered 10 times within 80 h, does not lead to unexpected and undesired effects on the parameters: rate of breathing, pulse rate, red blood count. Quick-%-value and the electrolytes calcium, potassium and sodium.(More)
We present the current status of medical education in Bosnia-Herzegovina to set the stage for the curriculum reform. Two principal questions are asked: is the reform necessary, and is it possible? In spite of the differences in size and tradition of medical schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH), they have more features in common than not: all of them are(More)
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