Richard Luce

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We generated networks of journal relationships from citation and download data, and determined journal impact rankings from these networks using a set of social network centrality metrics. The resulting journal impact rankings were compared to the ISI IF. Results indicate that, although social network metrics and ISI IF rankings deviate moderately for(More)
At present, digital library (DL) policy is largely informed by management intuition and coarse measures of user satisfaction. Most DLs, however, maintain extensive server logs of user retrieval requests that contain a wealth of information on user preferences and the structure of user retrieval patterns. We propose a quantitative approach to DL evaluation(More)
Equine herpesvirus-1 (EHV-1) infects horses, causing acute respiratory disease, neurological signs, and is also a leading cause of abortion. Protection from EHV-1 infection and disease depends on both humoral (virus neutralising antibody) and cellular (mainly cytotoxic T lymphocytes, CTL) immune responses. CTL activity after EHV-1 infection has been(More)
Numerous cell culture protocols have been described for the proliferation of multipotent human neural progenitor cells (HNPCs). The mitogen combinations used to expand HNPCs vary, and it is not clear to what extent this may affect the subsequent differentiation of these cells. In this study human foetal cortical tissue was cultured in the presence of either(More)
ActiveGraph is an information visualization tool designed to provide users with a concise, customizable view of objects in a digital library. A set of digital library objects is represented as a data set in a two- or three-dimensional scatter plot. The data set can represent any digital library objects in any medium: books, journals, papers, images, Web(More)
As the amount of scientific information available to researchers increases, the challenge of sifting through the information to find what is truly important to their work increases, as well. In this paper we describe ScienceSifter, a tool that addresses this challenge by enabling groups of researchers and channel editors to create and customize information(More)
The effect of strenuous exercise on the mRNA concentrations of interleukin-12p35 subunit (IL-12p35), interferon-gamma (IFN-gamma) and interleukin-4 (IL-4) in equine pulmonary and peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) was investigated. We hypothesized that strenuous exercise would suppress the expression of IL-12p35, IFN-gamma and augment the expression(More)
As of 2010 sub-Saharan Africa had approximately 865 million inhabitants living with numerous public health challenges. Several public health initiatives [e.g., the United States (US) President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief and the US President's Malaria Initiative] have been very successful at reducing mortality from priority diseases. A competently(More)