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Biogeochemical and hydrological processes in riparian zones regulate contaminant movement to receiving waters and often mitigate the impact of upland sources of contaminants on water quality. These heterogeneous processes have recently been conceptualized as ‘‘hot spots and moments’’ of retention, degradation, or production. Nevertheless, studies(More)
Community-based healthcare focused on maintaining wellness is becoming increasingly prevalent in the United States in an effort to eliminate healthcare disparities and reduce healthcare costs. These community-oriented initiatives, however, often require partnerships that cross traditional boundaries. As a result, these initiatives often lack a common(More)
The authors performed experiments on the coherent dynamics of Rydberg excitation in thermal clouds of <sup>87</sup>Rb for a wide range of atomic densities, single-atom Rabi-frequencies and excitation times in a specialized vacuum chamber. We further observed a clear signature of the phase transition to a Bose-Einstein condensate in the fraction of excited(More)
Using a double blind, randomized, latin square design, 17 light smokers and 6 heavy smokers were given three times per day doses of placebo, 5 mg amphetamine sulfate, 7.5 mg amphetamine sulfate, 25 mg ephedrine hydrochloride or 50 mg ephedrine hydrochloride. Compared to placebo, active drug produced a statistically significant drop in feeling of addiction(More)
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