Richard Long

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Cases of active tuberculosis have been reported worldwide with the use of therapeutic agents that inhibit tumour necrosis factor (TNF) alpha. TNFalpha has a central role in mycobacterial infection and disease. Accordingly, progression of recently acquired tuberculosis infection or reactivation of remotely acquired infection should be expected with the use(More)
BACKGROUND Treatment of latent tuberculosis infection with isoniazid for 9 months is complicated by poor patient adherence and the need for close follow-up of side effects, especially hepatotoxicity. Shorter and safer regimens are needed. OBJECTIVE To compare the frequency of adverse events and treatment completion in 2 treatment regimens for latent(More)
Tuberculosis as a primary cause of respiratory failure requiring mechanical ventilation (TBMV) is an uncommon occurrence. Over a 10 yr period in the province of Manitoba, Canada (population 1,091,942 in 1991), 13 patients with TBMV were identified. Non-drug-resistant M. tuberculosis was isolated from each case. The patients fell into two categories: miliary(More)
To define the epidemiology, pathogenesis, pathology, presentation, and management of tuberculous mycotic aneurysm of the aorta (TBAA) in the therapeutic era, we reviewed all of the cases reported in the English language literature from 1945 to the present. To the 39 cases in the published literature, we add two cases of our own. Although it is exceedingly(More)
The case An 8-year-old grade 3 student comes to her family physician’s office with her mother because the school has asked that she be tested for tuberculosis. The testing will be done at the school, but the mother wants to know if it is really necessary. The child is well and has no symptoms of tuberculosis. She was born in the Philippines, and the family(More)
To test the hypothesis that antituberculous drug disposition is altered in patients with AIDS, we studied the steady-state pharmacokinetics of isoniazid (300 mg/d), rifampin (600 mg/d), and pyrazinamide (1,500 mg/d) in 29 adults (14 patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus [HIV] and 15 non-HIV-infected patients) with tuberculosis in Nairobi,(More)
OBJECTIVES (1) To correlate structure (CT) with function in pulmonary tuberculosis (TB), and (2) to describe the evolution of structural and functional abnormalities when pulmonary TB is treated with directly observed therapy. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Twenty-five patients with drug-susceptible pulmonary TB, 15 cavitary and 10 noncavitary, were studied(More)
Patterns of gene flow can have marked effects on the evolution of populations. To better understand the migration dynamics of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, we studied genetic data from European M. tuberculosis lineages currently circulating in Aboriginal and French Canadian communities. A single M. tuberculosis lineage, characterized by the DS6(Quebec)(More)
We tested the hypothesis that exposure of extracellular Mycobacterium tuberculosis to low concentrations (< 100 ppm) of nitric oxide (NO) for short periods (24 h or less) will result in microbial killing. We observed that NO had both dose- and time-dependent cidal effects that were very significant by two-way analysis of variance (F ratios of 13.4 [P <(More)