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We present MLC ++ , a library of C ++ classes and tools for supervised Machine Learning. While MLC ++ provides general learning algorithms that can be used by end users, the main objective is to provide researchers and experts with a wide variety of tools that can accelerate algorithm development, increase software reliability, provide comparison tools, and(More)
This paper reports two experiments about street crossing under conditions of free flowing traffic, with a focus on modem roundabout intersections. Experiment 1 was conducted at three roundabouts varying in size and traffic volume. Six totally blind and six sighted adults judged whether gaps in traffic were long enough to permit crossing to the median(More)
Automatic and accurate lung field segmentation is an essential step for developing an automated computer-aided diagnosis system for chest radiographs. Although active shape model (ASM) has been useful in many medical imaging applications, lung field segmentation remains a challenge due to the superimposed anatomical structures. We propose an automatic lung(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to evaluate the relative risk and efficiency of road crossing experienced by blind and sighted pedestrians at a single-lane roundabout with two levels of traffic volume and at two distances from the roundabout. BACKGROUND With the rapid spread of modern roundabouts across the United States,their accessibility to blind(More)
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