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Use cases are a widely accepted way to define application functionality. They can therefore form a solid basis for testing the correct functionality and quality of service of a developed application. In this paper, we describe a method for semi-automated generation of test scenarios for simulation testing of software components and component-based(More)
Java is one of the languages that are popular for high abstraction and automatic memory management. As in other object-oriented languages, Java's objects can easily represent a domain model of an application. While it has a positive impact on the design, implementation and maintenance of applications, there are drawbacks as well. One of them is a relatively(More)
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Some type of tests especially functional tests and stress test requires a large amount of realistic test data. We are proposing a tool that uses random number generators in order to create such data. The tool is designed to be able to set simple attributes of any Java object and in many cases also to create complex structures when objects are connected via(More)