Richard Lim

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We evaluated the impact of a prospective audit and feedback antimicrobial stewardship program (ASP) on antibiotic prescription and resistance trends in a hematology-oncology unit in a university hospital (National University Cancer Institute, Singapore [NCIS]). A prospective interrupted time-series study comprising 11-month pre-intervention (PIP) and(More)
Despite major advances in coronary intervention, the recanalization of a chronic total oc-clusion (CTO) remains a challenge for many interventional cardiologists. Complex anatomy and le-sion characteristics demand a special set of skills for procedural success. Provided patient selection is appropriate, CTO intervention can confer a variety of benefits(More)
The competitive environment of todaypsilas global marketplace is undergoing changes. Customers are becoming more sophisticated. They demand more variety, better quality, and greater service in terms of reliability and response time. The success in this environment will depend not only on an individual companypsilas competences, but also on how a company(More)
The Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore face particular challenges from increasing competition from manufacturers in China, India and other East Asian countries. For these SMEs, survival and growth depend critically on defining their own competitive space among other companies in the manufacturing supply chains. Unfortunately there is little(More)
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