Richard Li

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In Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), programmers divide the software applications into small objects, each of which is responsible for performing part of the work. The communications between different objects are through method invocation. Method manipulation is taking a big role in an OOP system. The performance of method invocation would greatly affect(More)
Java is widely applied from the small embedded devices to enterprise systems nowadays due to its object-oriented features and corresponding advantages of security, robustness, and platform independence. Java programs are compiled into Java Bytecodes, which are executed in the Java virtual machine. Among the current hardware or software solutions to the Java(More)
Penetration testing---the process of probing a deployed system for security vulnerabilities---involves a fundamental tension. If one tests a production system, there is a real danger of collateral damage; this is particularly true for systems hosted in the cloud due to the presence of other tenants. If one tests against a separate system brought up to model(More)
In a piano lesson, a student often imitates the teacher--s playing in terms of speed, dynamics, and fingering. While this learning model leverages one's visual and even audial perception for emulation, it still lacks an important component of piano playing -- the tactile sensation. We seek to convey the tactile sensations of the teacher's keystrokes and(More)
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