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In the atmosphere, volatile organic compounds such as glyoxal can partition into aqueous droplets containing significant levels of inorganic salts. Upon droplet evaporation, both the organics and inorganic ions become highly concentrated, accelerating reactions between them. To demonstrate this process, we investigated the formation of organo-nitrogen and(More)
Java is widely applied from the small embedded devices to enterprise systems nowadays due to its object-oriented features and corresponding advantages of security, robustness, and platform independence. Java programs are compiled into Java Bytecodes, which are executed in the Java virtual machine. Among the current hardware or software solutions to the Java(More)
In Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), programmers divide the software applications into small objects, each of which is responsible for performing part of the work. The communications between different objects are through method invocation. Method manipulation is taking a big role in an OOP system. The performance of method invocation would greatly affect(More)
Penetration testing---the process of probing a deployed system for security vulnerabilities---involves a fundamental tension. If one tests a production system, there is a real danger of collateral damage; this is particularly true for systems hosted in the cloud due to the presence of other tenants. If one tests against a separate system brought up to model(More)
Two-dimensional (2D) materials can uniquely span the physical dimensions of a surrounding composite matrix in the limit of maximum reinforcement. However, the alignment and assembly of continuous 2D components at high volume fraction remain challenging. We use a stacking and folding method to generate aligned graphene/polycarbonate composites with as many(More)
We propose a ring polymer molecular dynamics method for the calculation of chemical rate constants that incorporates nonadiabatic effects by the surface-hopping approach. Two approximate ring polymer electronic Hamiltonians are formulated and the time-dependent Schrodinger equation for the electronic amplitudes is solved self-consistently with the ring(More)
The acceptance of analog computers as practical hardware solutions has been hindered by their often unintuitive design methods, especially for those used to digital design. We describe our experiments aimed at furthering the understanding of extended analog computers (EACs) and their potential applications, especially in Internet traffic management. We(More)
Hierarchical carbon fibers (CFs) sheathed with radial arrays of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are promising candidates for improving the intra- and interlaminar properties of advanced fiber-reinforced composites (e.g., graphite/epoxy) and for high-surface-area electrodes for battery and supercapacitor architectures. While CVD growth of CNTs on CFs has been(More)