Richard Li-Yang Chen

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Truckload carriers provide hundreds of $billions worth of services to shippers in the U.S. alone each year. Internet auctions provide these shippers with a fast, easy way to negotiate potential contracts with a large number of carriers. Combinatorial auctions have the added benefit of allowing multiple loads to be considered simultaneously in a single(More)
We consider the problem of designing a network of minimum cost while satisfying a prescribed survivability criterion. The survivability criterion requires that a feasible flow must still exists (i.e. all demands can be satisfied without violating arc capacities) even after the disruption of a subset of the network's arcs. Specifically, we consider the case(More)
We consider the problem of designing (or augmenting) an electric power system such that it satisfies the N-k-ε survivability criterion while minimizing total cost. The survivability criterion requires that at least (1− ε) fraction of the total demand can still be met even if any k (or fewer) of the system components fail. We formulate this problem, taking(More)
We consider the problem of minimizing costs in the generation unit commitment problem, a cornerstone in electric power system operations, while enforcing an N-k-ε reliability criterion. This reliability criterion is a generalization of the wellknown N-k criterion, and dictates that at least (1−ε j) fraction of the total system demand must be met following(More)
Stochastic economic dispatch models address uncertainties in forecasts of renewable generation output by considering a finite number of realizations drawn from a stochastic process model, typically via Monte Carlo sampling. Accurate evaluations of expectations or higher-order moments for quantities of interest, e.g., generating cost, can require a(More)
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