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This research used a typical e-mail query to investigate customer service by 491 properties from 13 international hotel chains. These five-star hotels had difficulty providing prompt, accurate, and timely e-mail responses to their customers. The results suggest significant differences in e-mail customer service, based on hotel location and the size of the(More)
Analyzing the findings of 45 patients with primary epiretinal gliosis in 51 otherwise entirely healthy eyes, the clinical features of the disease are elaborated. The disorder is characterized by the occurance of a glial membrane covering the retina in the area of the posterior pole and leading to a distorsion of the posterior pole and leading to a(More)
A model of an experimental arhegmatogenous retinal detachment is presented, to allow the measurement of the transport of radioactive labeled substances out of the subretinal space. Experiments were performed on 19 male cats. 131I-iodo-o-hippurate and 22Na were used as test substances. There was no significant difference between the rate of disappearance of(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Mycobacterium marinum (M.m.) is the causative pathogen of skin infections that have been called "swimming pool granulomas". An increasing number of reports that deep structures are involved in these infections was the reason for studying the clinical presentation and response of the infection to different therapeutic regimens. (More)
A method was developed which allows up to puncture and fill the virtual space between retina and pigment epithelium with radioactive-labeled substances and to measure the transport of the injected substances out of this space. Experiments have been performed on 28 cats. 131I-iodo-omicron-hippurate and 22Na were used. The transport out of the space between(More)
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