Richard Latham

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UNLABELLED Antisocial personality disorder (ASPD) and psychopathy involve significant interpersonal and behavioural impairments. However, little is known about their underlying neurobiology and in particular, abnormalities in white matter (WM) microstructure. A preliminary diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging (DT-MRI) study of adult psychopaths(More)
Wnt factors are involved in the regulation of all steps of cartilage development. The activity of Wnt factors is generally regulated at the extracellular level by factors like the Dkk family, sFRPs, Cerberus and Wnt inhibitory factor 1 (Wif-1). Here we report that Wif-1 is highly expressed at cartilage-mesenchyme interfaces of the early developing skeleton.(More)
Special Study Modules (SSMs) have developed in response to the General Medical Council's recommendations. St George's, University of London runs a 'Psychiatry and Film' SSM for medical students on the 5-year MBBS course. Many films have plots or characters that have a mental illness. Psychiatry & filmmaking share certain skills. Both seek to understand(More)
How the brain effectively switches between and maintains global states, such as sleep and wakefulness, is not yet understood. We used brainwide functional imaging at single-cell resolution to show that during the developmental stage of lethargus, the Caenorhabditis elegans brain is predisposed to global quiescence, characterized by systemic down-regulation(More)
Two broad gene classes are distinguished within multicellular organisms: cell type-specific genes, which confer particular cellular properties, and ubiquitous genes that support general cellular functions. However, certain so-called ubiquitous genes show functionally relevant cell type-specific repression. How such repression is achieved is poorly(More)
A finite element model of donkey hoof wall was constructed from measurements taken directly from the hoof capsule of the left forefoot. The model was created with a 2 mm mesh and consisted of 11,608 nodes. A linear elastic analysis was conducted assuming isotropic material properties in response to a 375 newton (N) load, to simulate static loading. The load(More)
In animal locomotion a tradeoff exists between stereotypy and flexibility: fast long-distance travelling (LDT) requires coherent regular motions, while local sampling and area-restricted search (ARS) rely on flexible movements. We report here on a posture control system in C. elegans that coordinates these needs. Using quantitative posture analysis we(More)
Polymer electrolytes are solid-like materials formed by dispersing a salt at the molecular level in a high molecular weight polymer such as poly(ethylene oxide) (PEO). They have been extensively studied for use in electrochemical applications such as batteries and display devices. This paper considers a novel application of polymer electrolytes as the basis(More)