Richard Lackes

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The impressive scale of online auctions sales and the economic eco-system of private and commercial providers, made eBay & Co. interesting for science. As part of this work determinants will be identified which affect the outcome of online auctions to a large extent. We observed that for identical (new) products often different prices were charged and(More)
Although cloud computing has highly visible advantages that are propagated since many years, the adoption rate in Germany is still quite low. This paper investigates the reasons why. Therefore, we undertook an empirical study to identify the main barriers and enhancers of cloud computing. Results show that, although the classic data risk and costs benefits(More)
1 Motivation Grundsätzlich lassen sich drei Aufgaben in der universitären Lehre unterscheiden: (1) Die Wissensvermittlung, (2) die Wissensanwendung und-vertiefung und (3) die Wissens-und Verständnisüberprüfung. E-Learning-Systeme entwickelt werden, die die folgenden drei Eigenschaften erfül-len: (a) Die Übungsaufgaben sind interaktiv und anspruchsvoll (vgl.(More)
The generation and marking of complex exercises always is a very difficult task. This paper presents the concept and realisation of an e-learning tool that provides predefined or automatically generated calculation exercises. Students may practise where- and whenever they like to via the internet. Their solutions are marked automatically while considering(More)
This paper identifies specific risk factors of cross-border outsourcing to cloud environments and discusses methods of evaluation. Many approaches lack in comparability between costs and risks. Therefore, we present two evaluation approaches based on the capital value (costs) and Analytical Network Process (risks) to support the assessment of outsourcing(More)