Richard Labelle

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The results of several studies conducted along the upper Texas Gulf coast, where a substantial amount of quantitative virological data were collected, are compared to bacteriological indicators and other environmental factors on a statistical basis. Variables common to all these studies were anlayzed by multivariate regression. Although multivariate(More)
The survival of poliovirus 1 (LSc) and echovirus 1 (Farouk) in estuarine water and sediment was studied in Galveston Bay, Texas. Viruses were suspended in estuarine water and sediment both in dialysis tubing and in chambers constructed with polycarbonate membrane walls. Virus inactivation rates in seawater were similar in both types of chambers. Virus(More)
Current standards for evaluation of the public health safety of recreational and shellfish-harvesting waters are based upon bacteriological analysis, but do not include an evaluation of the number of viruses. The objective of this study was to determine the occurrence of enteric viruses in estuarine sediments and to find a relationship, if any, between the(More)
This study was designed to determine the degree of adsorption of enteric viruses to marine sediment and factors controlling this association. Adsorption and elution characteristics of several enteroviruses and one rotavirus to estuarine sediments were studied under varying conditions of pH, salinity, and presence of soluble organics. Greater than 99% of the(More)
The US Minerals Management Service (MMS) is responsible for safe and environmentally sound management of offshore oil and gas resources. In recent years, there has been a tremendous increase in both activities and plans for deepwater development of these resources in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM). As the industry meets the enormous technical challenges involved,(More)
Green Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) have the potential to significantly curb greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. This paper provides a rationale for focusing ICT research and development efforts on curbing GHG emissions as opposed to only targeting energy efficiency goals. ICT's potential as a GHG emission reduction agent is described as(More)
In order effectively to serve the needs of the users of agroforestry information, there are two questions that must be addressed: 1. What is the nature and what are the properties of the universe of knowledge about agroforestry? 2. Who are the users of agroforestry information and what are their requirements? The context in which these questions are posed(More)
The application of rigorous epidemiologic methods to clinical questions has broadened the scope of research in epidemiology and enhanced the quality of clinical research. The International Clinical Epidemiology Network (INCLEN) has enabled physicians from developing countries to obtain training in epidemiologic methods and to provide leadership in clinical(More)
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