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The Federal Republic of Nigeria
The Government of Nigeria has embarked on the bold project of integrating all sectors of her transport systems consisting of 198,000 km of road; 3,500 km of rail, 8,600 km of inland waterways andExpand
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IN AFRICAN POLITICAL STUDIES By Richard L. Sklar University of California, Los Angeles This keynote address was presented at an international conference on “Indigenous Political Structures andExpand
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The Nature of Class Domination in Africa
In the newly developing countries, major aspects of economic organisation are subject to foreign control. The citizens and governments of such countries learn to live with the effects of pervasiveExpand
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Nigerian Political Parties
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Nigeria: Completing Obasanjo's Legacy
As president of Nigeria since 1999, former general Olusegun Obasanjo has burnished his legacy of engagement in two transitions from military dictatorship to constitutional government by affirming hisExpand
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Democracy in Africa
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Political Science and National Integration—A Radical Approach
CERTAIN historians are inclined to view the political awakening of Asia and Africa as part of an ongoing, world-wide, social revolution, previously inaugurated in Europe and America. In thatExpand
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