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Quantum Hall edges with hard confinement: Exact solution beyond Luttinger liquid
We consider a Laughlin droplet in a confining potential which is very steep but also weak compared to the ultra-short ranged inter-particle interactions. We find that the eigenstates have a JackExpand
How SU(2)$_4$ Anyons are Z$_3$ Parafermions
We consider the braid group representation which describes the non-abelian braiding statistics of the spin $1/2$ particle world lines of an SU(2)$_4$ Chern-Simons theory. Up to an abelian phase, thisExpand
United States Patent Office 3 , 262 , 127 Patented July 19 , 1966
The present invention relates to a treatment of soil to prevent crusting thereof and thus to promote and to facili tate emergence of seedlings in agricultural practice, par ticularly in the truckExpand
Human Uniqueness as a Guide to Resolving Conflicts Between Animal and Human Interests
While While it it is is by by no no means means clear clear whether whether we we should should speak speak of of animals animals as as rights-bearers, rights-bearers, inin any any literal literalExpand
Quantum Hall Edges Beyond Luttinger Liquid
We consider a series of problems regarding quantum Hall edges, focusing on both dynamics and the mathematical structure of edge states. We begin in Chapter 3 with a limiting case of the LaughlinExpand