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The ancient agricultural landscape of the satellite settlement of Ramonal near Tikal, Guatemala
Abstract Soil science methodologies often enrich archaeological reconstructions. In the Maya Lowlands of Mesoamerica, stable carbon (C) isotope ratio (δ13C) analysis of soil organic matter (SOM) fromExpand
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The Great Tikal Earthwork Revisited
Abstract In 1966 University of Pennsylvania archaeologists discovered impressive earthworks near the Classic Maya center of Tikal, Guatemala. They were provisionally interpreted as part of a vastExpand
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Upland and Lowland Soil Resources of the Ancient Maya at Tikal, Guatemala
Debate over agricultural methods and productivity during the Preclassic and Classic Maya period (1000 BCE to 900 CE) focuses on the agronomic utility of both upland and lowland soil resources of theExpand
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Modelling the ancient maize agriculture potential of landforms in Tikal National Park, Guatemala
The ancient polity of Tikal has been extensively studied by archaeologists and soil scientists, but more information is needed to determine the specific subsistence and ancient farming techniquesExpand
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Stable Carbon Isotope Evidence of Ancient Maya Agriculture at Tikal, Guatemala
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Salience strategy: connectivity, aesthetics and the learning mind
This dissertation adds to the many arguments already made for the value of art (cultural artifact) in teaching and learning. The special approach developed here concludes with the articulation ofExpand